Sell Your Cask

Sell Your Cask

Meadowside Blending continue to search for excellent quality casks of whisky. Occasionally we come across a private individual who owns a cask that may be of interest to us.

If you own a special cask of whisky and wish to sell it we would like to hear from you. We will need only a sample from you, and we can perform a tasting to decide whether the quality is of the highest standard we seek.

If you would like to sell your cask to us please get in touch with Andrew by emailing or clicking the button below.



Meadowside Blending Company dealt with my requests extremely promptly, keeping me very well informed at every stage. I was treated with a high degree of courtesy, fairness and integrity. I am fully of the belief that Meadowside Blending Company is an honorable, trustworthy and honest company and would wish to recommend them to others selling their casks.

Prof. Richard Collacott

Isle of Lewis

We sold our cask of whisky to Meadowside Blending, and the process was very smooth, after sending a sample I was offered an amount my wife and I were happy to accept and we even got a free case bottled from our cask as part of the deal.

Thomas Baldwin


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